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Jeff from California:

Another week of diving and dining at Las Rocas! My second trip was just as good as the first. I completed my Advanced Open Water course with the same great team. Malin, Steve, Will, and Mirta are a great bunch of people. They are patient every step of the way. Now that I have diving in my blood, I just can't get enough of it! The restaurant continues to be outstanding with the great team of Piero, Miguelangel, Christine, Timmy, Mike, and others. Marcos and Amalda made sure the whole experience came together as a perfect picture. I can't wait to see you guys again!

Marianne and Don from Wisconsin:

We enjoyed our week at Las Rocas. The Staff without exception was friendly and helpful. The food in the Las Rocas Restaurant was exceptional. As we had pretty good weather we were able to take advantantage of the coral reef right out in front. As a bonus, the location was very good in a quiet area, yet close to any activities one may wish.

Bob From Vermont and Natalie from CT:

This palce was very cool, very, very mellow and fun. The dive shop is great. It's about 60 feet from your room, and because you're there to dive, well, that's what you do...Dive. The instructors were awsome and the people at the resort we great. Because we stayed there, Natalie and I had the best vacation ever. It was so cool to be laying in bed in the morning, and hear a soft knock on the door at 8am...it was the women bringing us our breakfast! Then, we'd hang out for like an hour or two, then go diving...then hang out more. It went on like this for the entire week. And yes, it never got old, it only got more comfortable. Thanks for making our trip fun and very relaxing. I will return to Roatan one day...the west end is fun.

Dave and Danette from New York:

Just returned from a fabulous week at Las Rocas! The resort was very clean, comfortable, and cozy, and the staff friendly and helpful. From being met at the airport by the owner, to a nice breakfast promptly at your cabin door every morning, to helpful dive instructors and complimentary water taxis, all your needs are met at Las Rocas.

Jeff from California:

Wow! What a week! I came to Las Rocas to learn to dive and I came away with so much more. The friendliness, hospitality, and professionalism of your team made this a week I will not forget. The dive instructor team of Zack, Malin, and Steve was awesome. They were thorough and patient in their approach to teaching. And, man, what a restaurant! Piero, Saul, and Miguelangel made some of the best food I've had. From the shrimp gnocchi, to the farfalle, to the beef filet, down to the hamburgers - all of it was great! Mike (watch your head!), Tim, and the whole bartending gang made great drinks. Marcos and Amalda provided me with whatever I needed from reception. Watching Melvin get the crabs out of the pool was a kick! And, that's only a sample of the team! Pasquale, Gaetano, and Lydia, you have a great staff!

John and Mollie from Colorado:

We were married at Las Rocas. Pasquale and Lydia had everything set for us when we arrived and even managed to get the mayor to come marry us on a Saturday. The crew at Las Rocas even made us an alter out of flowers. Our honeymoon suite was perfect with flowers strewn all over the bed. They even arranged for witnesses for our wedding and served as photographers. In addition, all of the staff was very helpful and knowledgable with everything from where to eat dinner to getting recertification for scuba diving. We could not have picked a better place to get married. Thanks Pasquale and Lydia.

Paola and Roldano from Italy:

A Roatàn abbiamo trovato quello che sempre cerchiamo (ma difficilmente troviamo) nei nostri viaggi: un luogo affascinante per le bellezze naturali ed accogliente per il calore della sua gente. E' bello immergersi in un paradiso come questo, anche se per poco tempo, perchè l'energia che trasmette dura a lungo e il ricordo per sempre. Sicuramente Las Rocas è il posto migliore per assaporare la bellezza di quest'isola: la sua posizione appartata, all'estremità di una splendida spiaggia, i suoi bungalows di legno in mezzo agli alberi, la vicinanza della barriera corallina, raggiungibile da riva a nuoto, la cordiale ospitalità di Pasquale e di tutto lo staff ... tutte queste e molte altre cose fanno di Las Rocas la migliore scelta a Roatan ! Noi due ci siamo stati così bene che siamo tornati a casa in tre!

Tom from Florida:

Las Rocas is a cozy little resort with nice, clean and comfortable cabins. The staff is very friendly and all there's great diving literally within swimming distance. The resort's own restaurant offeres some of the freshest seafood you've ever tasted. I enjoyed my stay here very much and will very likely come back for more.

Alberto e Rita da Roma:

Ciao a tutto lo staff e un saluto paritcolare a Pasquale e Gaetano. Roatan e' un'isola meravigliosa e Las Rocas e' il Resort ideale per apprezzarla al meglio. Siamo venuti a Roatan attratti dal mare meraviglioso, ma grazie anche a voi abbiamo scoperto il fascino di un'isola singolare ed affascinante fatta di persone piacevoli e cordiali, una vegetazione rigogliosa oltre ogni previsione, e tanta semplicita'. Gli apparenti disagi sono invece il sintomo evidente che stai facendo un break dalla frenesia quotidiana e stai entrando in una dimensione piu' umana. La vostra cucina fatta di sapiente mix di sapori caraibici e tradizione italiana ci ha piacevolmente meravigliato. Le immersioni sono da favola, fatte sempre in allegria e sicurezza con lo staff del Diving Centre. Da non perdere assolutamente e' la bellissima immersione con gli squali. Indimenticabili per sempre saranno i colori del mare, il bianco della spiaggia, la simpatia travolgente dei delfini, la quiete e il relax di Las Rocas. Anche il fastidio delle famigerate saind flies si sopporta facilmente seguento in consigli di Pasquale. Insomma una destinazione da consigliare a tutti, ma da augurarsi che pochi seguiranno le nostre orme per conservare il piu' a lungo possibile questo incantevole angolo di paradiso.

Bob & Becky from Arizona:

What a place ! The ocean at your door step, a resturant to die for and a dive shop on site with a crew you wish was anywhere and everywhere you could possibly ever travel in your life time! No hurries and no worries must be the motto. No hassels at the airport .... in or out bound. Pasquale meets his customers and has a smile for everyone. You truly feel welcome and at home when you stay at Las Rocas. Our thanks to everyone there and spreading the word to get more folks headed your direction.